Reward Your Customers With A Robust Loyalty Solution

The Right Loyalty Program For Online Ordering!

Easy To Use For Customers

  1. Point accrual or per visit program
  2. Cash back can be used as payment method on Gloria Food
  3. Birthday & anniversary promotional programs
  4. Customer appreciation promotions
  5. Retargeting & miss you promotions

Easy To Use For Staff

  1. Online Orders Automatically Reward Points
  2. Text and email notifying of earned points and balance
  3. Easily redeem rewards in our Clover or Square integration
  4. Easy to use web desk for in store point entry & redemptions
  5. Email & text marketing to drive repeat business

In N-Touch Rewards Good For My Business?

N-Touch Rewards will increase customer engagement both in store and online. Using our auto-pilot email & texts you will reach your customers in ways that you never have before. Transactional communication will keep your brand on their mind while increasing their visits & spend.

Improved customer communication will increase your bottom line, build better customer relationships, & increase repeat business. Although our main focus is helping smaller businesses compete with corporations when it comes to marketing, our software is built to address the loyalty marketing needs no matter the business size.

Deepen Your Customer Connections Today!